Awesome Gifts for Writers

It’s Christmas time!!! I gotta admit that I’ve been in a bit of a “bah humbugish” mood lately because of school and a small plague, (aka this stupid cold), but I’m coming around now that it’s December and it actually feels like winter around here. Anyway… Rambling aside… I thought I’d compile a list of bookish and writerly Christmas gifts! This list is in no particular order; it’s either things that I’ve received/bought myself in the past or have on my wish list this year.

Cheyenne’s Bookish And Writerly Gift Guide:

•Notebooks, journals, cool paper, etc…
While we writerly types tend to do the majority of our official novel drafting by keyboard rather than pen, we still gotta have our cool paper and journals for scribbled notes and ideas! I am currently obsessed with traveler’s notebooks, which are awesome because you can have multiple notebooks in one leather journal cover! And maybe the leather cover makes me feel like a fancy writer person… I think I probably totally killed that image by saying “writer person…” If you still have no idea what a traveler’s notebook is after reading the introduction, (linked above), I’d be happy to do an introduction/review/much better explanation than this is turning out to be of how I use mine when I can breathe through my nose!
•Fancy pens! (Blind writers can either substitute a slate and stylus or send me horrified emojies in the comments for daring to use such in today’s age as they’ve been doing on twitter.)
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Ya gotta have a cool writing utensil to write in that fancy journal.
This one goes for both writers and your typical bookworms. You could even get really innovative and give a writer a book about writing! I’m currently inthralled in Tarot For Writers if you don’t wanna have to search.
•Cool bookmarks
Writers like shiny things. We really like shiny things that we can apply to books or writing. Bookmarks are perfect, and bookmarks for traveler’s notebooks usually have dangling charms that make pretty noises and make writers like myself very happy! Or maybe I might be very easily amused???
•Writerly clothing
Did you immediately conjure up a picture of a professor looking guy in an ink-stained leather jacket, or was that just me? If you didn’t, that’s totally fine, because I’m not talking about that! Writers like to be comfy, and you can find lots of writerly T-shirts. Seriously! Just Google it! I mean Google, “Writerly T-shirts,” not, “IT.” I currently own several writerly T-shirts, (thank you, Mom and Grandparents, for the writerly birthday gifts), my favorite of which says, “Please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you!” It also has a raised up fountain pen and dagger on it, probably because I text the dagger emoji way too often… No, I’m not crazy; it’s just my angry emoji!
•Writerly jewelry.
This might vary for different writers, (depending on whether they like jewelry or not), but I have a couple of things that I wear whenever I sit down to write. My jewelry isn’t specifically writerly, and honestly I don’t know when, why, or how I started wearing it for writing, but I usually have my peridot ring, my copper Triskelion ring, and my angel wing locket necklace when I sit down to write. However, if you Google, “Writer jewelry,” you’ll get some more specific writer things! I recently watched a youTube video by Emmalederman about writerly gifts, and she has a ring with the names of her characters engraved on it. Here is her video if you wanna check it out…

•iTunes/Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift cards.
If you reeeeeeeally don’t wanna go out of your way to find your writerly friend a gift, this’ll do the trick! I promise they will find something from one of the stores above!

Share your writerly wish list?

Did I miss anything? Is there anything cool on your bookish or writerly wish list? I’d also love to know what books you want, (because my TBR only consists of 52 books at the moment.) 😜

5 thoughts on “Awesome Gifts for Writers

  1. Great gift ideas! I love my writerly fashion. I have a necklace that says “Keep Calm and Write On” and a t-shirt that says “I”m a writer. What’s your superpower?” I also really want these Etsy gloves for Christmas that have pages of stories on them. Squee! And definitely Barnes and Noble and iTunes giftcards!

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