Hi! I’m Cheyenne Raphael, (or at least that’s the pen name I’ll be using for this blog and any future published work. Welcome to my about page! Since you’re here, you must be more curious than most, which means you’re probably my kind of person. 


Things To Know About Me: 

◦I’m a slightly eccentric writer of YA fantasy. 

◦Some have called me a glorified bookworm. 

◦I’m a proud Ravenclaw, though friends say I have the brain of a Ravenpuff, and my writing sometimes indicates a slytherin streak. I’m either having an identity crisis or I’m just a Harry Potter divergent! 

Ravenclaw Rules BannerRavenpuff BannerHP Slytherclaw wicked visions gif~c100

◦I’m blind as a bat, (minus the sonar hearing), which means I use braille and screen-reading software to read, write, and maintain this blog. Fair warning! Screen-readers sometimes do off the wall things to the mainstream media, so please clue me in if anything ever looks crazy on my blog. I won’t catch it if it’s something visual like a bright purple background color or a picture stuck somewhere really random. 

◦I enjoy correcting misguided views of blindness, especially all the weird stereotypes found throughout books and movies. 

◦I’m currently in the process of teaching myself HtML code! Yes, I’m a total tech nerd. 

◦I’m also a psychology nerd! I’m especially interested in attachment disorders, so my fallback career is to be a child therapist if writing doesn’t happen. And then there’s always the possibility of being a part-time web designer and writing on the side… 

◦I love angel lore. I’m using “Raphael” as my pen name because Archangel Raphael is known as the patron angel of the blind and his name means “God heals.” 

◦I collect crystals and stones from all over the world. There is a bullseye malachite from Africa on the shelf above my desk, along with an amethyst wand from China. 

◦I’m somewhat of a health nut… I enjoy learning about holistic healing techniques like essential oils and herbal remedies. I also practice yoga and meditation. 

◦I love dolphins, and I recently got to swim with them! 

Dolphin with huge smile

◦When I’m not reading or writing, I can usually be found mindlessly watching youTube videos, (usually about books or writing), or scrolling aimlessly through twitter. 


What You’ll Find On This Blog: 

◦Book reviews

◦Writing tips and tricks

◦Snippets of my own writing

◦Lots of inspiring quotes and stories

◦Posts about blindness and technology for the visually impaired 

◦Discussion posts about topics I find interesting 

◦Probably a few random posts about random things that pop into my writerly mind

◦Anything else you’d like to see. I love comments, so feel free to leave me a suggestion. 🙂