The Story of the Possessed Calculator

Once Upon A Time Handwritten
Once upon a time, in the real-life world, there was a blind algebra student who was trying to do a crap load of homework after laying on the couch with a sinus infection for two days. In order to properly calculate the absolute value of x and y, this student used a graphing calculator just like those used in classrooms far and wide, except for the little synthesized robot named Betty that lived inside it and read out the numbers for people who couldn’t see what she put on the screen for them.
Betty was being quite a good little robot and was happily calculating things, (hopefully correctly), as the student wrote down equations, typed in numbers, and occasionally yelled at Siri to google mathematical terms. And then suddenly Betty was not very happy anymore, and she announced that her battery was critically low. She began to slur her words as though she were drunk and stuttered hopelessly over her words as the somewhat frazzled student tried to find her battery hatch! And then, she died completely!
Now our little story does not, in fact, end with Betty’s demise! Horrified because her calculator had died one problem away from being finished with her homework, the student rushed Betty to her Dad to see if he could find the battery compartment. Upon locating the compartment, her dad exchanged the spent batteries for new ones, and that gave Betty a bit of juice. Said student’s dad could now perform such simple math as, “2+2 = 4,” and “1+4 = 5,” but Betty did not utter a word while this was going on! If Betty could not talk, the student could not read her calculation results, and therefore no Algebra homework could be completed… But our story doesn’t end there either!
After pressing numerous buttons and making multiple google searches, the student concluded that there was no fixing Betty without a call to tech support, and therefore she would just have to attempt to do the last problem on her phone or Braille sense calculator. Dropping Betty on her desk to await the opening of the calculator company, the student set about the extremely confusing task of entering numbers and parenthesis into her phone calculator. Three steps into the lengthy equation, she was interrupted by a horrible sounding buzz coming out of Betty’s speakers! The hideous buzzing noise repeated itself about four times during the amount of time it took the student to complete her problem, and by then she was quite sick of hearing it! This time she took Betty to her mom to see if anything was on the screen of importance, and her solution was to take Betty’s batteries out completely until morning, when a call to tech support could be made. Upon the removal of her batteries, Betty insisted that her power was low, and that she was, “shutting down now!” She then proceeded to vibrate repeatedly, even though both her main and backup batteries had been removed, and technically she shouldn’t have had any power with which she could vibrate! The family then concluded that Betty had gone bananas and should be left on the kitchen table for the night! The student then returned to her room to email her Algebra teacher and say that her calculator was possessed, and therefore she couldn’t do her next assignment, and then she flopped on her bed and began to entertain her followers by writing a blog post about betty the Possessed Calculator!

Yes, that is a true story! My calculator is somehow vibrating and making hideous buzzing noises with no batteries! I’m just a lil bit creeped out…

Goodbye Summer; Hello No More Free Time!

Hi guys! It is officially my last day of Summer… That’s right… I start my Junior year of high school tomorrow… Oh my gosh… I’m gonna be a junior! Anyway, no matter how much I try to will it out of happening, school is happening. And so in one last effort to cling onto this Summer, I’ve decided to do the Summer book tag… No one actually tagged me for this, but I’ve seen it floating around the internet, and so here it is! 


LEMONADE: Pick a book that started off bitter but then got better. 

Girl of nightmares book cover

Girl of Nightmares was SO sad, and… well… tortured I guess is the right word in the beginning, but it had the sweetest, or maybe bitter-sweetest, ending ever! My review will be coming soon, and you can click HERE to read my review of the first book in the series. 


GOLDEN SUN: Pick a book that made you smile beyond compare. 

The Worst Class Trip Ever

The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Berry is possibly the most hilariously funny book I’ve ever read! It’s a middle grade book, but I think anyone can enjoy it. It’s so stupid it’s funny in places, but it’s guaranteed to give you a good laugh! Just don’t read it in some place like school where you need to look somewhat sane cause you will find yourself laughing hysterically! 


TROPICAL FLOWERS: Pick a book set in a different country. 

The islands at the end of the world coverart

The Islands At The End of the World isn’t set in a different country, but it’s set in a different state, and it felt like a different country because of the difference in culture. It takes place in Hawaii, so there are also lots of tropical flowers! I guess I could have used Girl of Nightmares again because part of it happens in England, but I’m trying not to use anything twice, and I honestly haven’t read much that happens outside of the US this Summer. 


TREE SHADE: Pick a book where a mysterious or shady character is introduced. 

The Deviners

The Diviners by Libba Bray has several shady characters, but what’s cool about the book is that the reader is always one step ahead of the other characters and knows exactly what is going on at all times! The writing is SO amazing, and I have sO much to learn from it, and there will be a review for that going up soon! 


BEACH SAND: Pick a book that was grainy and the plot barely developed. 

Vampire Academy Book Cover

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead needs some serious plot doctoring! It’s an ok book, but that structure needs some tightening! It’s got great characters, but the main plot pretty much fell apart by chapter three because the subplots started taking over everything! 


GREEN GRASS: Pick a character that was full of life and made you smile. 

The lightning thief

Percy Jackson was the first character who came to mind for this. Lets face it… Who doesn’t love Percy? If you don’t love Percy, then why on earth are you reading this blog?! Just kidding! All book lovers are welcome here, and your certainly welcome to your own opinion, but I’m also sticking to my opinion that Percy is awesome! 


WATERMeloN: Pick a book that had some juicy secrets. 

Girl of nightmares book cover

Ok… So I’m totally abandoning my rule of not using stuff twice, but Girl of nightmares just has SO many secrets that it’s perfect for this position! And maybe I just love it a little too much… 


SUN HAT: Pick a book with a vast/big universe/setting. 

Harry potter

Please tell me I don’t have to explain why I picked the Potterverse for this…


BBQ: Pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk. 

Vampire Academy Book Cover

Here I am using another book twice, but the hunkiness of one of the main characters is a BIG part of the problem with this book’s plot! I mean seriously… It’s ok to have romance in a book, but don’t trick me into thinking I’m getting an epic fantastical vampire filled adventure and then let that awesome plot get swallowed up by a doomed romance! Sorry… Rant ended… Maybe… 


SUMMER FUN: Pass the tag on. 

I’m not tagging anybody because I think a lot of people have already done it, but do it if you want! Drop a link in the comments to your post, and tell me what your favorite Summer read has been even if you don’t do the tag. Also, tell me about a book you’ve read that has secrets or shady characters because those are some of my favorite things to read. Good luck if your also starting school tomorrow, or if your starting it sometime soon! I hope you all are more excited about it than I am! I’m signing off now because school is tomorrow like I’ve already said about a zillion times and I told myself I’d be in bed an hour ago! Good night all you bookish and writerly people!