Welcome to the Blog of the Bookish and Writerly!

Hello and welcome to the blog of a writerly bookworm! I’m Cheyenne Raphael, (or that’s my future pen name anyway.) I write young adult fantasy and read a lot. I’m also blind as a bat, (minus the sonar hearing), so I use braille and screen-reading software to read, write, and maintain this blog. Please excuse any odd things like the occasional misplaced picture or oddly colored font… I won’t catch visual things like that unless it pops up in the blog coding, so clue me into anything really weird!

On this blog you can expect to find all sorts of things, including the unexpected! I post book reviews, writing tips and tricks, snippets of my own writing, stuff about the blind and visually impaired, and random life stuff that happens to pop up in my writerly mind! I love hearing from my followers, so feel free to drop me a comment with a post suggestion or just general feedback. If you’d like to know more about me, go here! And if you’d like to contact me directly, go here! I look forward to chatting with all you fellow writers and bookworms!

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