Snippet Sunday | The Catacombs

Snippet Sunday is a weekly post in which you share a snippet from your current writing project. This snippet is from Scarred Flawless.

“Vivian Devereaux did not like cold, dark places, therefore she had a special kind of hatred for the catacombs beneath the Council Hall. Tonight, however, she was going into them whether she liked it or not since that was what the Campaign demanded of the Devereauxs, and Niko had ever so helpfully vanished before he could be called upon to assist.”

Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday is a writing meme created by Samantha @ Reed’s Reads & Reviews in which you share a snippet from your current writing project. This snippet is from my Shaman Novel.

Vivian Deverow was drowning. It was kind of ironic if you thought about it. “Strike a match and let it burn,” she muttered to herself through a choked laugh. That’d been her motto for years, but her matches couldn’t burn under water.

Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday is a writing meme created by Samantha @ Reed’s Reads & Reviews in which you share a snippet of your current writing project. It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these, but today I bring you the “unofficial official” synopsis for my Shaman Novel. This is the blurb that I’ve posted to my Camp NaNoWriMo profile, but it’s subject to change as I continue to edit the story. I hope to have the book ready for beta readers by June, but in reality it’s probably going to be more like August or September…
Since you guys are following my book/writing blog, I’m assuming you’re all readers, writers, or both. That means you probably know a thing or two about books and their blurbs, so please let me know what you think of mine in the comments! Does this synopsis make you want to read my book? Is there anything you don’t like about it? Any and all feedback is appreciated! 😉

Nico Deverow’s entire life is built on secrets, lies, and blood. His family built their fortune in blood money and poisoned their way to a seat on the Royal Mist Council, but Nico doesn’t belong in that life. Ancient murders, restless spirits, and the uncensored truth in everyone’s auras are all revealed to him through residual layers of energy, and no one can ever know about it. The second sight is a shaman power, and a Deverow with a shaman gift would kill his bloodline’s reputation completely. His mask is flawless as his family name decrees, but underneath he’s shattering. With no one to help him contain his powers, the magical drug called Bliss and the raiser sharp blade of a dagger become his only salvation. But when natural born healer Adam Rachadon discovers his abilities, Nico is given a choice: trust a shaman with a secret his family would kill him for, or refuse his offer of help and continue to live a lie.

Quick Excerpt From My Novel In Progress!

Possibly the only true thing Nico Deverow’s aunt Zelda had ever said to him was that “You’re only as good as the secrets you keep and the lies you tell.” Nico himself had a lot of secrets, and as a result he’d gotten quite good at lying to anyone who mattered. His secrets were not the good kind of secrets, or the kind of secrets that would gain his royal bloodline any power. They tasted like poison, burned like acid, and cut deeper than the knives he always carried, and he was afraid of them.

Snippet Sunday #9

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Here is another Snippet from Wishes.

The Snippet:

On one side of the world, a boy drifted quietly to sleep in a pool of scarlet blood. On the other side of the world, two blind twins wonder whether their new life would be better or worse. And somewhere in between, two sisters cried themselves to sleep for two different reasons.

Snippet Sunday #8

Once Upon A Time Handwritten I It’s Snippet Sunday time again! To participate… ■Share a snippet of your writing-a sentence, a paragraph, whatever… ■Link your post back to Samantha’s blog, where Snippet Sunday began. ■Have fun, be bookish, and stay writerly!

Ok so I said in my last Snippet Sunday that I wouldn’t be doing Wishes for NaNoWriMo this November, but a giant chunk of the outline fell perfectly into place, so now I’m torn! Writerly wisdom is needed!!! but for now… Here is another snippet from Wishes.

The Snippet:

Nico Deverow had the kinds of secrets that two people could keep only if one of them were dead. And even then it probably wouldn’t stay secret because someone like himself would probably happen upon the spirit of the dead person who knew the secret and convince them to spill everything.