Snippet Sunday #3

It’s Snippet Sunday time! That means it’s time to share my writing with the world—or at least the piece of the world who has discovered my little corner of the internet… 


How to Participate in Snippet Sunday 

•Share a snippet of your writing. It can be a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence, or however much you want to share. 

•Link your post to Samantha’s blog, where Snippet Sunday first began. 

•Drop a link to your post in the comments so I can see your writing. 

•Have fun, be bookish, and stay writerly!!! 


For some context, this snippet is from the same work in progress that I’ve been sharing things from by the working title of “Wishes.” It’s a bit of dialogue that passes between Nico Deverow, (my MC), and his mentor, Archer Cross. 


The Snippet 


“Sometimes curses are brought about by our own minds. Sometimes things aren’t what our thoughts make them out to be,” she says calmly, still studying him with her cool gray eyes, “If you claim something to be a curse, then it will be a burden on you until you decide otherwise, but know this… The powers above, whatever you believe them to be, don’t give anyone something they can’t move through or learn from. And sometimes, the strongest warriors are given some of the hardest challenges because the powers that be know they will only come out stronger in the end. That’s something your mother told me once. I haven’t forgotten it; don’t you ever forget it either.” 

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