Snippet Sunday #4

May I present you with a long overdue Snippet Sunday post! If you’ve forgotten what Snippet Sunday is in my absence… 

Here’s How to Participate: 

■Share a snippet of your writing. It can be a sentence, a chapter, or however much you want. 

■Link your post to Samantha’s blog, where Snippet Sunday first began. 

■Have fun, be bookish, and stay writerly!


For some context, my snippet comes from my ongoing work in progress, Wishes, that I’ve been sharing from. In this scene, Nico Deverow and Diana Bishop are fighting because Nico won’t let Diana read his tarot cards. 


The Snippet 

The glare he shot her could’ve frozen lava. Adam could see that her words had stung, and that he was hurting from them, but she saw exactly what Nico wanted her to see: an angry challenge and a bad boy smile. 

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