Snippet Sunday #5

Hey writerly people! I’m writing a Snippet Sunday post while it’s still technically Sunday! I have 30 minutes… I got this! 


How To Participate in Snippet Sunday: 

  • Share a snippet of your writing-a sentence, a paragraph, a chapter, or however much you want. 
  • Link your post back to Samantha’s blog, where snippet Sunday began. 
  • Have fun, be bookish, stay writerly, and don’t lose any sleep! 


For some context, my snippet is again from my fantasy novel in progress that is currently under the working title of “Wishes,” consists mostly of scribbled scenes on index cards, and will hopefully be my NaNoWriMo project in November if my school schedule allows time for it. I just grabbed a random card, and I haven’t looked at it yet because my room was freezing and I jumped in bed with it and my laptop, so this might be interesting to say the least… 


Here It Goes! 

“There’s no shame here,” Ela said softly, gently tilting his chin up to meet her gaze 

“Yes there is,” 

“No.” She carefully brushed her sleeves back and held her arms in the light, revealing several faint scars. 


Ok… That wasn’t too bad, but you’re probably confused! That bit of conversation took place between Nico and Ela. Nico is an empath, meaning that he can pick up on the residual energy of a place. He can see all the tragic events that have happened, and any spirits that are still lingering around the area. He tends to take on a lot of emotions from others and the energy around him, and he really hasn’t had a great life. SO… I’m letting my inner psych nerd show with his character, and attempting to address the issue of self-harming with a fantasy approach. Nico cuts to release all that held in energy, and Ela just revealed to him that she used to burn herself for roughly the same reasons. The details are a little sketchy at this point, but I kinda want them to end up together at the end of the first book in this series I’m writing. Ok… I reeeeeally want them to end up together, but I am terrible when it comes to writing romance! I know it has to happen at some point though, so we’ll see how it goes… That scene card had a bunch of question marks on it after that dialogue, so I’ve got some work cut out for me! And now I am going to sleep, so tell me what you thought of that in the comments below! 

From Cheyenne 😪 

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