Writing Up Wednesday #5 | The Craft of Writing–How do you learn?

Writing Up Wednesday is a writing link-up created by Lizzy @ The Bent Bookworm. This week’s topic is “The craft of writing,” or more specifically, “How do you learn the craft of writing?”

I honestly don’t make a conscious effort to study the writing craft unless I need to research a specific aspect of it for my story. I don’t plan to take professional writing classes, and I usually don’t go out of my way to read writerly text books. Studying the craft is just something that comes naturally to me through reading a wide range of books, writing book reviews, and connecting with other writers via blogging, youTube, and Twitter. I feel like this is more beneficial than making a conscious effort to study the craft because it allows me to take the advice I like and discard the rest without being boxed in by “professional” rules. Also, by filling my social media feeds with writerly stuff, I can actually justify opening Twitter and youTube! πŸ˜‰
Here’s a quick list of some people that I’ve learned from:

My Favorite Writerly youTubers

β– Shaelin Bishop
β– Emma Lederman
β– The Y.A. Word Nerds
β– Vivien Reis
β– Jenna Moreci
β– Natalia Leigh
β– Burgess Taylor
β– Kim Chance
β– Coffee Reading Writing

Awesome Writerly Bloggers

β– Shaelin Bishop
β– Emma Lederman
β– A Writer’s Path
β– National Novel Writing Month
β– Fiction University
β– Better Novel Project

One thought on “Writing Up Wednesday #5 | The Craft of Writing–How do you learn?

  1. That’s an interesting perspective on craft writing. I’ve studied lots of textbooks, seminars, blog posts, and been to conferences. ^ ^ Thanks for sharing!


    Liked by 1 person

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